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          POWERHOUSETM 3.0 Solar Shingle Spec Sheet


          Uses technology developed by The Dow Chemical Company

          POWERHOUSE? is already on over 1,000 homes

          11-year parts warranty and 24-year production warranty

          Designed and assembled in the U.S.A.


          Get your new roof and POWERHOUSE? solar shingles in a package deal

          Visually stunning and affordable

          Enjoy savings on your electrical bills,
          which keep going up

          Battery storage solutions available

          Horseshoe Connector

          The environment underneath a BIPV module has it’s own temperature, pressure and moisture considerations.

          Dow engineers solved this by designing an extremely specific connector. This is not just a traditional PV connector put in as an afterthought, but instead a much more rugged and protected connector able to withstand dirt, oils, debris, moisture, high temperatures, expansion, contraction, flexion, vibration, and even light foot traffic.

          Base Plate

          Solar Photovoltaic Insert



          Dimensions – Outside Area 1067mm x 806mm (42.0″ x 31.7″)
          Dimensions – Exposed Area 1056mm x 336mm (41.6″ x 13.25″)
          Weight 17.6 lbs (4.6 lbs/sq ft)
          Cell Type Monocrystalline PERC 156 x 156mm (6 inch) cash positive
          # of Half-cells 24 (2 Rows of 12)
          Bypass Diode 1 per shingle
          Connectors Proprietary BIPV Connector Developed by Dow
          Shingle Frame Proprietary Molded Resin Developed by Dow


          Model Number PH – 055 PH – 060
          Maximum Power (Pmax) 55 W 60 W
          Panel Efficiency* 15.6% 17.1%
          Open Circuit Voltage at STC (Voc) 15.5 V 15.7 V
          Maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp) 12.5 V 12.7 V
          Short Circuit Current (Isc) 4.68 A 5.03 A
          Maximum Power Current (Impp) 4.40 A 4.73 A
          Maximum Series Fuse Rating 8.5 A 8.5 A
          Maximum System Voltage 600 V 600 V
          The electrical characteristics are within +/- 10% of the indicated values of Isc, Voc, and Pmax under standard test conditions (irradiance of 1000 W/m2, AM 1.5 spectrum, and a cell temperature of 25°C (77°F)). *Panel Efficiency based on exposure area.


          Power (Wp) -0.45 (%/?C)
          Voltage (Voc) -0.32 (%/?C)
          Current (Isc) 0.02 (%/?C)


          PV UL 1703 PV Modules & Panels, IEC 61215, CEC, & FESC Listed (US)
          Fire UL 790 (Class A – Highest Rating)
          Wind UL 1897
          Rain TAS 100


          Power Production Guarantee 24 Year
          Product Workmanship Warranty 11 Year


          Module Operating Temperature -40?C to +90?C
          Wind Rating 110 – 200 MPH*
          Impact Resistance (Hail) 2” Steel Ball (1.18lbs.) dropped at 51”
          *dependent on fasteners used and roof exposure classifications
          Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.